Unexpected Benefits of Dog Training

Obviously the benefits of a well trained dog out-weigh the laborious task of having a naughty dog, however there are some benefits to dog training that you may not have thought of.

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We are sure you are thinking "here we go again, I know, everyones safety is really important, you never know the type of dog you may end up with" And yes, to a degree that is absolutely true, safety is paramount.

However, don't overlook that your pet pal pooch will also be much safer if they have been trained!

Here's A Few Reasons Why

  • Recall - No more worrying about whether your dog will chase a bird or simply get carried away with belting all over the field, all jokes aside, Recall is very important to keep your dog safe, especially around vehicles.
  • Command - The public affair, don't worry, we have all been there! As beautiful as our dogs are, you can't take it away from them that sometimes, they can be fragile little things, bless them. with dog training your compadrae will be actively listening and waiting for your commands, which makes them, a little less skitish shall we say.
  • The Vets - We think this is a critical part of dog training, inevetibly we all end up at the Vets at some point and trying to treat a very hyperactive and wound up dog can be tricky at best. Training for your dog will enable you and your dog to ease the tension and comfort each other in this type of situation, they look to you for guidance and comfort, which is very difficult to achieve if you are getting frustrated with how your dogs behaviour is, a viscious circle of sorts. This also leads us onto our last point.
  • Your Bond - Safety as we know is priority number one, however when we say safety we are also including how safe your dog feels. If you have a well trained dog, you can predict reactions, this increases your bond with your pup.

benefits of dog training - safety

You can never be too careful and ensuring your dog is not a danger to others is of the utmost importance. With professional training you can give the very best chance that you can predict your dogs reactions and make sure that you are prepared everytime. Make sure that when you are researching your dog training school that you feel comfortable that all of your essential points are being covered, ask for examples of previous training that has helped and understand the mechanics of how training works. We believe this information should be available to all. If you have questions, please feel free to ask us.