About Us

We are ever-growing and ever-changing, but the one thing that will never change is our undying commitment and love for dogs.

We are The Dog Guy

We were founded in Chelmsford, Essex, motivated by one thing and one thing only – our love of dogs. Since then, on our mission to improve the lives of as many dogs and owners as possible.

Thanks to the hard work of our growing team and our innovative training methods, we have expanded our operations to a national scale to include: Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, LondonManchester, Midlands, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey and Yorkshire.

What we do truly makes an impact

The Dog Guy offers a variety of dog training courses and packages so that we can be sure to find the solution that suits both you and your dog. We are engineers of behavioural change in dogs, and we never rest on our laurels, looking to continually grow and improve our training methods based on our own experience and our continued research.

We are immensely proud of the impact that we continue to have on the lives of both dogs and people. We have met so many amazing dogs and owners, and they motivate us to do what we do every day so that we can carry on this impact and leave a lasting legacy in their lives.

Our mission, promise & everything in between

Our mission is to become the lead dog training company in the UK, as we know that there is not a better trainer out there. This way, we can rest easy knowing that we are helping every dog that we can under our stewardship. But there’s no rest until we are!

Our promise is that your dog will return to you a much happier and well-behaved dog so that you can live a happy life together, as we know the amazing impact that a good relationship with dogs can have on people’s lives – we’ve seen it enough!

What we offer

Residential dog training

Our residential dog training is an innovative, transformational programme wherein the dog stays with us for 3-4 weeks and guarantees swift and staggering results.

Board at five-star kennels

We offer hospitality for our dogs at the leading kennels in the area, which are used as a training site by the local authority as an example of best practice.

A lead trainer for each dog

Each dog will have its own lead trainer, meaning that we can work on a bespoke training plan based on your dog’s needs.


In addition, your dog will socialise in a safe and controlled manner with numerous breeds of dogs of all shapes and sizes during their stay.


We offer one to one training sessions at home, and a homestay option - for dogs that are more suited to a more domestic environment. We also offer day training sessions, so there really is something for everyone!

Regular updates

Depending on your package, we will send you weekly or daily updates detailing your dog’s progress and what they’ve been up to.


Your dog will return a far more obedient and social animal. The commands we work with are Sit, Down, Place, Here (Recall), Heel, Bed, Verbal Markers (Yes, No, Good Boy/Girl) and many more. The dogs are also praised at the right times, to ensure they know the difference between right and wrong, thus building a foundation to curb unwanted behaviour.

Consistent and repetitive training methods

Our training methods are consistent, and they guarantee results. It’s essentially the equivalent of choosing an intensive driving course - you get your desired outcome in a far shorter time frame.

See us in action


This is ultimately down to the needs of your dog. Our residential training programme is designed to achieve the best results over an intensive period of training. The 3 to 4 weeks of training allows your dog to concentrate on learning new behaviours with consistency without distraction. Dog owners often look to residential training when other methods have failed, or they simply don’t have the time and ability to build a strong dog foundation of obedience for their dog.

If you’re not sure, then a member of our expert team will guide you towards the most suitable training package. They will discuss your dog’s needs, any current challenges, your ability to commit to training and your budget. We are confident we have a training solution that is right for you – nobody leaves us without a solution!

The simple answer is it is never too early or too late for your dog to be trained. We can train a dog one week after its second vaccination, and sooner if we are training within the home.

We often train multiple dogs from the same household. In fact, the only way to resolve some behavioural challenges is to train siblings at the same time. 

You will be invited to an in-depth handover session at the end of training. This session allows us to show you the tools and techniques used to train your dog before giving you the opportunity to demonstrate to us you have taken everything on board. We even provide a short video of your dog in training to act as a future point of reference. If required, we can offer additional one to one support either in your home or our training facility to re-enforce training.

We begin training all dogs at our training field, as this is a secure environment that we can control. However, as dogs live in the real world, we quickly move training to different environments such as parks, towns and cafes to expose them to all the sights, sounds and smells they will experience once home.