Dog Zoomies Explained!

If you have a dog you definitely know about the zoomies. These random bursts of energy are a daily part of any dog owner’s life and if you don’t have a dog the millions of videos online give you an idea of the chaos left in their wake. The proper term for this burst is “Frenetic Random Activity Periods” or FRAPS. We are giving you the lowdown on this strange dog behaviour.
What are zoomies?

Zoomies are caused by an excess of built up energy which is released in a short period of time. This is completely natural and will slowly stop happening as your puppy gets older. Most owners will notice that their dog’s zoomies will come at nearly the same time everyday and make it part of their daily routine. Not all dogs get zoomies so research the breeds you want to get if this is a behaviour you do not want. This normally occurs at these times:

  • Before bed: Your puppy will do this to blow off any excess energy right before any long periods of rest.
    After a bath: Bath time can cause a rush of adrenaline which needs to be run off or they are just trying to dry off quickly.
  • After eating: For dogs obsessed with food they may get super excited at dinner time. This mixed with the energy given to them by the food can create a whirlwind of hyperactivity.
  • During one to one dog training: If your dog is just not getting a trick they can become frustrated and need to burn off that feeling with some activity.
Why do dogs do zoomies?
Now you know what causes the zoomies and they are most likely to happen, we can look at why FRAPS happen. There are a few reasons why your dog may feel the need to go crazy. One of these reasons is that they need to release some anxiety or tension. This happens after something like bath time which can be both exciting and stressful. Running can just release that built up tension inside of them. They can also just be warming up after a cold day or being in a bath. Another reason is to celebrate a good thing as animal behaviour scientists see that dogs will sometimes celebrate a much needed poop by zooming or just be trying to get some poop off of them which can look like a zoom. This is also a primal instinct which is also shown in coyotes and if your dog zooms in the middle of the night it may be working on a hunting instinct of catching prey before they wake up.
Aggressive puppy zoomies
Most puppy zoomies are harmless and are perfectly healthy. But some dogs may get overly excited and start biting or nipping at you. This is very common and nothing to be worried about and even better can be corrected very easily. One way is to use a toy to redirect their energy and to bite something that is not you. A short lead is also good to redirect any unwanted energy somewhere else.
How to calm down puppy zoomies
You may want to teach your puppy to do some good behaviours while zooming or at least be able to calm your puppy in the middle of night. Here are some tips to get your puppy to zoom less. One way to calm a puppy is by giving the puppy more exercise by either playing games like fetch or just taking longer walks. This can wear out a puppy’s energy before it can become built up, especially if the dogs are crated or sat in a car for a long period of time so they can let go of all that energy! Teaching a settle or place command can also teach your dog to calm down in these situations especially if it could be dangerous like in a kitchen or while other people are around. This can also exercise their brains and so they don’t get bored and excessively zoom. Also you can crate train your pup so they have a place to go when it all gets too much. This can help calm them in a healthy and safe way and gives you a routine. Routines are super important as they can also curb the impulse as they get used to your way of life and when they are allowed to release any energy.
Get zooming
So now you know everything you need to know about that time your puppies go crazy. Just always make sure your pup is in a safe space to run around and you can enjoy the chaos of a happy puppy. The behaviour should go at around 1 year old as your puppy matures but know that zooming is a normal and natural behaviour and means your dog is excited to be around you. So get to playing with your pup or invest in one of our day training sessions to really give your dog the exercise it needs both mentally and physically.

“Learning is not an event. Learning is a process. ” — Unknown

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