Nothing beats a well-trained dog

Professional Dog Training throughout the UK

At The Dog Guy, there’s one thing that gets us out of bed in the morning, and that is improving the lives of both dogs and their owners, via our specialist dog training throughout the UK. All too often, unruly dogs do not lead their best life because their owners frequently become upset and frustrated with them. This is upsetting for both the family and the dog, and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Happy pets,
happy humans

We are true engineers of behavioural change in dogs. Whatever shape, size, age or breed, we have helped countless dogs with our UK dog training become better behaved, and become integral parts of their families, massively improving their quality of life. Our reputation precedes us, and we take an agile, mobile approach, constantly improving our service and training to ensure we remain the best in the business, and help the dogs we see as much as we can.

Our highly trained and dedicated team, over the duration of our dog training courses, deliver a solid foundation of general obedience and discipline to ensure you get the best from your beloved dog. Dog training requires repetition, consistency, and reward to ensure that desired outcomes are achieved. We know what it takes, and all you need to do is let us help resolve any challenges you face with your dog to ensure live a happy life together, side by side.

How to train a dog

But how do we do it? Our innovative training method begins with a focus on loose lead work and recall, as well as key commands such as sit, heal, and stay. Dog socialisation in multiple surroundings plays a key part of our training plans. Reactivity and resource guarding can be delivered as part of a bespoke training package too. We can also help with toilet training and separation anxiety to ensure your pet becomes fully integrated into the home. 

We offer a number of bespoke training options. To achieve the best results, we always recommend our Residential Dog Training solution. However, One to One Dog Training at our facility or in your home is also available. Our qualified trainers and behaviouralists will work with you to determine which solution best suits your needs.

The commands we use here at The Dog Guy include, but are not limited to: Sit, Down, Place, Here (Recall), Heel, Bed, Verbal Markers (Yes, No, Good Boy/Girl) and many more.
Residential Dog Training
One to One Dog Training

Why we're the best

We love dogs

First and foremost, we have a deep love and passion for looking after dogs - it’s why we started! We will truly care for your dog and do everything we can to ensure they return to your home to live a much happier life.

Professional team

Our team, motivated by their love for dogs, is the best in the business. They are all qualified with a wealth of experience, and the best part of it is that we have enough trainers that your dog is guaranteed its own lead trainer.

Tailored training options

We offer three completely different dog training options, as well as bespoke packages so that we be totally sure of finding the right solution for your dog, regardless of your budget as well as the dog’s needs.


From the beginning, we will be completely honest and transparent with you about what is suitable for your dog, tailoring our plan to their needs. We also provide regular updates to ensure you are kept in the loop about their progress.

First class service

From start to finish, we provide a faultless service for you and your dog. With a collection service, and ongoing friendly and helpful customer service, you don’t need to worry - and your dog will be living in luxury in our five-star kennels.

Peace of mind

You can sleep easy with your dogs under our dominion. Our results are second-to-none, and our aftercare provision and handover sessions ensure that your dog’s return to home is a completely seamless transition.

Innovative methods

Goodbye to throwing a ball around in a field! Our industry-leading methods are ever-changing, based on the latest research and our own expertise and experience, creating bespoke training plans tailored specifically for your dog.

Quick turnaround

Our innovative residential dog training methods are like an intensive driving course, guaranteeing incredibly swift results to that your dog can be integrated with your family in a much shorter timescale than one would usually expect.

Clients say



This is ultimately down to the needs of your dog. Our residential training programme is designed to achieve the best results over an intensive period of training. The 3 to 4 weeks of training allows your dog to concentrate on learning new behaviours with consistency without distraction. Dog owners often look to residential training when other methods have failed, or they simply don’t have the time and ability to build a strong dog foundation of obedience for their dog.

If you’re not sure, then a member of our expert team will guide you towards the most suitable training package. They will discuss your dog’s needs, any current challenges, your ability to commit to training and your budget. We are confident we have a training solution that is right for you – nobody leaves us without a solution!

The simple answer is it is never too early or too late for your dog to be trained. We can train a dog one week after its second vaccination, and sooner if we are training within the home.

We often train multiple dogs from the same household. In fact, the only way to resolve some behavioural challenges is to train siblings at the same time. 

You will be invited to an in-depth handover session at the end of training. This session allows us to show you the tools and techniques used to train your dog before giving you the opportunity to demonstrate to us you have taken everything on board. We even provide a short video of your dog in training to act as a future point of reference. If required, we can offer additional one to one support either in your home or our training facility to re-enforce training.

We begin training all dogs at our training field, as this is a secure environment that we can control. However, as dogs live in the real world, we quickly move training to different environments such as parks, towns and cafes to expose them to all the sights, sounds and smells they will experience once home.