Is A Pedigree Dog Right For You?

Buying a dog is a big commitment and comes with lots of questions. One of these is whether you should get a pedigree or a crossbreed. Both come with their pros and cons, it can be hard to choose. So today we are looking at what you should know about pedigree dogs before taking the plunge.

What is a pedigree dog?
Put simply, a pedigree dog is defined as a dog whose parents are both of the same breed. To be seen as a pedigree dog they have to be all registered with The UK Kennel Club which gives the breeder a certificate to say that dog is of pedigree. Purebred pedigree dogs make up 75% of the dog population in the UK with 221 pedigree dog breeds recognised by the Kennel Club. They are all judged by a breed standard which describes each breed in detail. This standard is an estimate of a dog’s look and personality that should be in a pedigree. For example a pedigree labrador retriever’s breed standard includes having a good temper, being very agile, having an excellent nose and having a keen love of water (which makes them very highly trainable via methods like residential dog training. Meeting this standard makes a labrador a good pedigree.
Pros of owning a pedigree dog
The breed standard is the biggest benefit of having a pedigree dog or pedigree puppy as it gives you a great idea of what you are getting by adopting that breed. You have a comprehensive list of how your dog is going to look and act to see how they can perfectly fit in your family. Also by registering with the kennel club you can get a lot of benefits such as information about their health and training. You also get to participate in shows like Crufts which is only for pedigree dogs. Breeders for pedigree dogs are also certified and have to keep to a code of ethics to make sure that the dogs are happy and healthy when you receive them. Kennel club certification means you can also breed thoroughbred dogs.
Pedigree dog health concerns
The problem of having a pedigree is that due to breeding to beauty standards means that many dog breeds can have health problems. The Kennel Club does offer DNA and health screenings but there are serious concerns which could make you think twice before getting a purebred dog. Things like exaggerated features which show dogs are bred to have normally end up causing the dog to suffer. For example small flat faces of bulldogs can affect their breathing and can stop them from being able to exercise. There is also a big jump in price between crossbred dogs and pedigree. If you really want a pedigree, be ready to save up a lot of money to get one using a reputable breeder. If you manage to find a purebred dog in a shelter you only need to pay the normal fee but this is extremely rare to find as shelter dogs who are rescued are mostly either crossbreeds and mongrels.
It is truly your choice of what breed or type of dog you want to adopt but I hope by doing this you are more informed on how a pedigree dog may affect your life. Whether you want a Crufts show dog part of the Kennel Club or a mongrel we are sure you will make sure it is happy and healthy. We are here no matter the dog for training and daycare to make your life as a dog owner easier and giving your dog the skills it needs to work or play at their best.

“It’s not about what it is, it’s about what it can become. ” — Dr. Suess

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